The power generators for remote or isolated places represent now a great opportunity for photovoltaic solar technology. Among many advantages, the mix of the photovoltaic solar system with the diesel generators reduces the total cost of fuel consumption. This without losing the stability, trust, and quality of the power network thanks to the advanced system called SMA FUEL SAVE CONTROLLER.

Together with SMA Solar Technology AG, Greenergy develops projects that integrate the photovoltaic technology in remote off grid projects that operate based on diesel generators of large capacity with specific goals:

>To reduce fuel consumption

>To reduce the emission of polluting gases

>To obtain significant savings in the energy operating costs

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For many operators that work in remote places, taking diesel becomes a daily routine and it is integrated in the total operation costs of the productive center. Nevertheless, many factors have made that the cost of diesel allocated in the center of consumption increases significantly, and some of these factors are the following: transportation cost, increase in the cost of diesel, losses, vandalism and stolen fuel.

This makes that the generation of power represents up to 40% of the operating cost of the working center.

The industry that represents this example the best is the Mining Industry. In this Industry we find production centers that have intense energy consumption. Many times they are far away from the grid and the only option that they know today is to generate their energy through diesel generators mainly of 500KW and 3.5 MVA per generator.

It was in November 2012 when the first hybrid solar-diesel system in the scale of Megawatts started working in the East region of South Africa.  Using the solution FUEL SAVE CONTROLLER from SMA the photovoltaic solar technology is incorporated to the grid

Circuit created by the Diesel Generators. The Mining Operator reduces its diesel consumption every year close to 450,000 litters thanks to the generation of 1,800 MWH of electricity that is provided by the Solar Field of 1 MW of capacity. On top of this, it reduces significantly the emissions toxic gases to the atmosphere.


What is the hybrid solar-diesel system?

The common term hybrid is to form two different components that produce a similar result. A hybrid solar-diesel system is composed normally by a photovoltaic system, diesel generators, and a smart control system that ensures the quantity of solar energy delivered is identical to the one from the consumption of the charges. In this case the circuit is controlled by the diesel generators, and the result for the charges is exactly the same as if only the generator provided power.

What advantages does a system with these characteristics offer?

Comparing with the diesel generators, photovoltaic systems have a low operation and maintenance cost, and also a long productive life. By incorporating a hybrid solar-diesel system the savings are reflected from the first day, and depending on the total effective cost per liter of diesel, the investment on the system is recovered in the short period of time of 3 to 5 years.

How does a hybrid solar-diesel system work?

The photovoltaic system complements the diesel generators. It can supply additional energy when the charges have high consumption, or it can decrease the generator to minimize fuel consumption. In the future, it will be possible to store any quantity of extra solar energy in the battery banks that are available to be used at night. The smart control of all the components of the system guarantees optimal fuel consumption and minimizes CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.


Additionally, the system is flexible and expandable according to the increase in the demand of energy by the operator.

Comparing the hybrid solar-diesel systems with the pure diesel generators we find several advantages:

>Lower energy operating costs.

>Reduction in the risk of increasing fossil fuels.

>More security in the supplying of fuel thanks to an optimized plan.

>Minimum emission of toxic gasses for the atmosphere. It protects the environment and facilitates the exchange of CO2 certificates.

A smart and unique solution design by our Engineering Department at Greenergy and developed along with the experts of SMA Solar Technology AG in Kassel Germany.

Numerous profitable and successful projects developed around the world show the potential of this new technology, and now it is available with the service and quality that distinguishes Greenergy.