We are a global company with a great amount of experience in medium and large scale projects. We offer guarantees to our clients to fulfill contracts and back any payment in advance. From a faraway community that requires energy from an off grid system, to telecommunication towers that can’t stop transmitting, control valves in pipelines that transport natural gas, gas or oil, to buildings that integrate the technology in their roofs, our solutions integrate design, engineering, management, direction, and technical support during and after the sell.

Our biggest competitive advantage is to have our clients as a proof of our results. It is also the confidence that we have from establishing business relationships with integrators and construction companies that allow us to acquire large commitments with government and multinational companies developing solar fields, international programs of electrification, and for large mining or industrial projects.


This service is crucial to any power generator. The price of not generating electricity because of a mechanical failure can be prevented and this is invaluable.

Our projects are divided in the following (projects of 300 KW and more).

Preventive maintenance policy includes: 3 annual visits, monitoring of the data acquisition system, evaluation of the power and additional generation, and listing of prices for corrective maintenance.

Preventive operation and maintenance includes: total control of the solar generator through monthly generation goals.

Our services are delivered by the Technical Support Department along with the Engineering Department and the Construction Management Department. We utilize the specialized matters, thermic image, comparatives with the radiation data of the zone, and deliver the reports on a regular basis. We also generate constant alerts for any decrease in generation by the system.



  • Design, Sizing and Basic/Detailed Engineering
  • Equipment Supply and components from factory
  • Civil and Electromagnetic Works
  • Installation and Testing to Inverters, Monitoring System
  • Audit to Electric Installations and Photovoltaic equipment
  • Verification of Electric Installations
  • Evaluation of bidding processes
  • Maintenance



Maintenance program at the lowest market value.

  • We identify your need.
  • We design based on profitable projects.
  • Most competitive price per Watt of the market. Compare!

We face all the challenges

  • Installing in isolated places
  • Planning international logistics
  • Getting to places that others do not get
  • Experience in complex projects
  • Staying always on Budget
  • Supply with trustworthy providers

Why Greenergy


  • We respect your budget
  • We do it in the proper time and manner
  • In house Engineering workforce
  • Qualified management
  • Design following norms
  • Construction and Installation according to the design


“We have over 800 systems already installed”



A fundamental part of our experience is based on the development of installations of large scale for the generation and sale of solar power.

We offer support to our integrators and clients in the four stages of the project development.